Why not Hannity???  People elected a man who can’t even provide his birth certificate.  A Certificate of Live Birth IS NOT a Birth Certificate!

  • The Certificate of Live Birth is the standard certified long form filled out in hospitals. This document is turned over to the State Register, where the information is kept on file. From the certificate of live birth or the original, a copy called the live birth certification is obtained. The Certification of Live Birth represents the short form of the original certified photo copy.
  • Certification of Live Birth

  • This certification of live birth enables a person to obtain important documents such as social security number and benefits and passports. It gives people permission to attend school, and to obtain such things as life insurance, health insurance, tax credits and child benefits, especially if you are applying for assistance from a state government agency or running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!
  • While having a certificate of live birth is important, it is not proof alone of a person’s identity!!!!!! 

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    7 Responses to “HANNITY FOR 2012?”

    1. ohiobelle Says:

      You asked, ” How in the hell could Obama get a Certificate of Live Birth without actually being born in America?”

      Really???? In order to obtain a Certificate of Live Birth, YOU ONLY HAD TO BE BORN ALIVE!!!! THEY ARE TWO SEPERATE DOCUMENTS!

    2. ohiobelle Says:

      I am copying questions so I can answer the questions. I am looking for people that honestly want to debate before I allow commenting. I am aware that people disagree… I welcome all comments that are willing to debate.

    3. AFVET Says:

      IMO, Sean would be crazy to run for office.
      He has an audience of millions. Why would he restrict that voice by confining himself within the cesspool that exists on capital hill.
      The same thing goes for Rush, and Glenn, and Michelle Malkin. and all the other conservative pundits out there ferreting out the truth and broadcasting it on “the bully pulpit”.
      They are all far more effective in their position as opposed to having their voice restricted by the chicanery that goes on in Washington D.C.

      Besides, their collective heads would explode.

      No comment on the Birth Certificate, although if a legitimate document exists, why hasn’t it been produced ?

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