Newsmakers of the Week

What Joe Stack did was a cowardly act of domestic terrorism!! 

Creed of Peace – I am guilty of war when I think the minds of people should be regulated by force, rather than by reason.


Robin DeHaven, 28-year-old Iraq war veteran, risked his life to save countless others.  DeHaven should remind us all that Americans run into the fire; not away from it.

Somebody tell this money sucking whore that an apology doesn’t come with zeros behind it!   This home wrecker should go back to what she does best… SCREWING PEOPLE OVER!! 

The only job Obama is trying to save appears to be Harry Reid’s!!  The only good news is that the last person Obama campaigned for… LOST!!!

I only hope the media can give Tiger the space he needs to get well.  I’ve always thought this was a situation between a man and his wife. 

Good luck Tiger!!  You are still the best!

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4 Responses to “Newsmakers of the Week”

  1. AFVET Says:

    I agree with all your blog entries.
    I think Obummer is flailing wildly.
    If he loses Reid, and Pelosi, to conservatives he is dead meat, and he knows it.
    2/3rds of the stimulus package has not been spent.
    I will be surprised if it still exists after the November elections.

    The intelligent American People are on post, and watching.
    Given the ramifications of socialism vs. capitalism we are watching you Barry.
    Spill your rhetoric. To intelligent people it is nothing more than cat puke on the carpet.

  2. ohiobelle Says:

    AFVET wrote: Given the ramifications of socialism vs. capitalism we are watching you Barry.

    AFVET, I love it!!

    It was very surprising to see Obama back on the campaign trail for Harry Reid!! It appears that he is more concerned with saving their jobs than saving or creating our jobs.

    We’ve already wasted 1 whole year on healthcare and Barry knows it. If he spends this next year on the campaign trail for people that we already know will not be reelected then he will fail us and himself. He better focus on the economy. We can’t let another year go by.

  3. AFVET Says:

    I think Obama is absolutely blinded by his arrogance, to the extent that he can ignore the will of the people.
    I think he is suffering from some type of disorder.
    He going to ruin any chance Reid has, and if Reid thinks Obama can help him win re-election he is senile.
    Reid should tell him to stay away.
    Obama is becoming toxic.

  4. Obama Economy Management sets new US Record! « VotingFemale Says:

    […] Ohiobelle: Newsmakers of the Week […]

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