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February 26, 2010

“Mr. DeLay has proven himself to be ethically unfit to lead the party,” Pelosi said at a news conference the following day. “The burden falls upon his fellow House Republicans. Republicans must answer: Do they want an ethically unfit person to be their majority leader or do they want to remove the ethical cloud that hangs over the Capitol?”

 2004, Nancy Pelosi talking about Tom Delay. I wonder if she is willing to say the same thing to one of her own?  It’s time to remove that “ethical cloud” a.k.a., Charlie Rangel.

Democrat Charles Rangel,  has been reprimanded for taking a couple of corporate-funded trips to the Caribbean.  The House ethics panel concluded this week that the veteran lawmaker, who chairs the tax-writing House Ways and Means Committee, violated the chamber’s gift rules in taking the trips.


February 24, 2010

In Barry’s latest effort to appease Muslims, the U.S. government will begin delivering special meals, prepared according to Islamic law.

Islamic Meals on Wheels (government funded) will provide halal meals, which are prepared according to Islamic teachings. Halal is an Arabic term for lawful under Islamic code. This means that pork is prohibited and all meat must come from animals that are ritually slaughtered. Allah must be pronounced during the kill and animals must be properly nourished, well rested and not stressed or excited prior to slaughter.

Convicted felons in California will also get their religiously prepared halal meals.   Taxpayers will dish out an additional half a million dollars a year to purchase the halal meals for its 5,000 Muslim prisoners.

We should really have more say in how OUR money is spent!!


Newsmakers of the Week

February 20, 2010

What Joe Stack did was a cowardly act of domestic terrorism!! 

Creed of Peace – I am guilty of war when I think the minds of people should be regulated by force, rather than by reason.


Robin DeHaven, 28-year-old Iraq war veteran, risked his life to save countless others.  DeHaven should remind us all that Americans run into the fire; not away from it.

Somebody tell this money sucking whore that an apology doesn’t come with zeros behind it!   This home wrecker should go back to what she does best… SCREWING PEOPLE OVER!! 

The only job Obama is trying to save appears to be Harry Reid’s!!  The only good news is that the last person Obama campaigned for… LOST!!!

I only hope the media can give Tiger the space he needs to get well.  I’ve always thought this was a situation between a man and his wife. 

Good luck Tiger!!  You are still the best!


February 17, 2010

I guess Government Motors found their nitch (cough..cough) I mean bitch.  This latest witch hunt has more to do with the United Auto Workers than it does your safety.  Don’t be fooled.

Barack Obama statue removed from Jakarta park

February 16, 2010

Authorities removed a statue of Barack Obama from a park in the Indonesian capital due to a public backlash and moved it Monday to a nearby elementary school that the U.S. president attended as a child.

I have a suggestion for what could replace the statue…

We Are The World Then & Now…

February 13, 2010

USA for Africa – We are the World

We Are The World 25 For Haiti

I think all the artist did a great job with the remake however sometimes older is better.


February 13, 2010

OSHKOSH, Wis. – I would like to thank Tom Wroblewski, an attorney from Menasha Wis., for his effort to save small businesses.  The sign reads:  ‘America’s small businesses are failing, help us spread the message.’

The billboard will be up for at least six months, at a cost of $1,000 a month.


February 10, 2010





I miss his patriotism, his support of our troops, his faith, his leadership, and most of all the way he protected our nation!    I would like to thank President Bush  for his courage, commitment and sacrifice during this country’s darkest hours. I am honored to have had him as my President.