One thin September soon

a floating continent disappears

in midnight sun vapors rise 

as fever settles on an acid sea…

Al Gore – 2009 

To think we accused this idiot of spreading fear.



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  2. rosehips Says:

    cool…i mean hot! lol

  3. ohiobelle Says:

    I thought you’d like that Rose. I love the pics with the ClimateGater himself blowing fire. lol

    It really is great to have you back! I’ll catch up with you tomorrow.

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  7. dancingczars Says:

    Hi my buddy created the Jiff of “the dancing negro” It is amazing how it’s gone viral. Nice blog, found you through VF, check me out at dancing czars. Keep up the good work,never give up. I’m Jim

  8. ohiobelle Says:

    Dancingczars, you must tell your friend how much I appreciate the dancing Jiff! I LOVE IT!!

    We are all commenting on vf’s post right now. Please join us.

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