Obama Joker Poster At Strip Club

RICHMOND, VA. — Strip club owner hangs Obama Joker poster, NAACP  & fellow moonbats cry race.  I think the bar owner is a patriot and I would love to thank him for standing his ground.  I hope this poster stays up until 2012!

Maybe Obama will comment when he returns from Denmark!

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4 Responses to “Obama Joker Poster At Strip Club”

  1. arlenearmy Says:

    Following is article from the newspaper about this issue

  2. arlenearmy Says:

    According to youtuber of the video, I understand that Samuel, owner of the bar, put up the big poster in a lower spot of the building.

    I think it was vandalized. Mostlikely, the NAACP folks vandalized it. So the bar owner put the sign up much higher (as shown in the video).

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