With all those lies, what do we know about Barack Hussein Obama?

Now is the time to ask those “hard” questions!  Do not give Barack Hussein Obama anymore control over this country; OUR COUNTRY!

If you believe anything Barack Hussein Obama says, then your current healthcare plan should be as safe as your grandmother.

Oh by the way, 3 muslims were recently arrested for their plot to bomb the United States.  Too bad we recently removed muslims from the DHS “watch list” to make room for the Conservative tea baggin’ terrorist.

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18 Responses to “OBAMA AND HIS LIES…”

  1. Sarah Palin Leaves The Fringe Media Shipwrecked; Reveals hidden Socialist Agendas hiding inside ObamaCare Bill; TeamSarah On Deck! « VotingFemale Speaks! Says:

    […] OhioBelle: OBAMA AND HIS LIES… […]

  2. samiam60 Says:

    Great Great Post you have here Ohio Belle. A good history of our


    Joe Wilson was right and Obama and Pelosi need to apologize to him.

  3. tellitlikeitis Says:

    Good job Belle! That about sums it up for the pathalogical liar in chief.

  4. Foxwood Says:

    Amen Belle, Condi said it today, we are ripe for another attack.

  5. ohiobelle Says:

    Thanks guys!

    I am so friggen sick and tired of seeing our country fall for this CRAP!!! Obama has been one big ass failure!

  6. ohiobelle Says:

    Fox, Condi said we are rip for another attack?? I never heard those words from her mouth when Bush was in office…. hmmm

    Thank god we moved those friggen muslims from the DHS “watch list”. Our government will need all the help they can get watching the obstructionist, anti-patriotic, mud slingin’, name callin, no tax payin’, belly achin’, Armageddon predictin’ , FEMA campin’, Limbaugh listenin’, “I’m not a racist, but I can’t explain why I’m hatin”, tea baggin’, don’t know why I’m protestin’, iReport pollutin’, iTroll sclap takin’, garbage postin’, Beck quotin’, no idea havin’, complainin’, just say No poutin’, progressive blockin’, NWO fear-mongerin’, Castro slammin’, North Korea knockin’, Iran bustin’, HAMAS hatin’, UN bashin’, constitution-huggin’, Jefferson quotin’, gun totin’, First Amendment worshipin’, bible quotin’, Obama slammin’, Liberal smearin’, Socialist baitin’, separatist promotin’, CNN slammin’, Marxist hatin’, domestic terrorist aka the conservatives!!!!

  7. The mindset of a Socialist/Commie wannabe » Animal Farm Says:

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  8. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Obama is the biggest lier the World has ever known! Said he would not cut medicare benefits to seniors and now we find that he wants to cut 1 billion from medicare.

  9. Congressional Budget Office – Medicare Benefits Could Be Cut « Goodtimepolitics Says:

    […] (7)    OBAMA AND HIS LIES… […]

  10. goodtimepolitics Says:

    Oh thats $100 billion dollars over 10 years, after he told seniors that they would not see a cut in medicare benefits on his watch! I stand along side Joe Wilson and say Obama “you lie!”

  11. ohiobelle Says:

    Well said goodtime!! I stand with Joe Wilson!!

    Please come by anytime! Your comments are welcome here.

  12. arlenearmy Says:

    Its truly a challenge to keep up w/ all of Obama lies. Joe Wilson was right.

  13. You Lie, Mr. President « VotingFemale Friends Speak! Says:

    […] Caucus Moonbat Patrol: Iran, Unemployment, Trillion Dollar Deficits, Obama in Copenhagen Ohiobelle: Obama and His Lies Lisa In TX: Southern Poverty Law Center: Civil Rights or Civil Greed Sam and Imp: Israel and […]

  14. m2 Says:

    Ohio, there’s a book written by a non-politico called “Barack and Michelle, an American Marriage” in which the author details the long long and intimate RELATIONSHIPS the Obama’s had with both Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright.

    I literally think he lies without any fear at all.

    The most noxious and dangerous Malignant Narcissist!

  15. samhenry Says:

    Hey belle. How about that new Muslim holiday stamp?

  16. Obama Love Stimulus Package… By God, opps… I mean… By Me, I deserve worship, damn it! « VotingFemale Speaks! Says:

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  17. dancingczars Says:

    I take exception to your comments above on Deep Thoughts of Al Gore. How does a person who is a cerebral flat-liner, i.e. walking brain dead have any thoughts at all? Nope Gore’s brain cavity is filled with other peoples money in the form of Gold. I’m Jim

  18. Video – Congressional Budget Office – Medicare Benefits Could Be Cut- UPDATED: 24 SEPT | GoodTimePolitics Says:

    […] (7)    OBAMA AND HIS LIES… […]

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