iReports is as (aka, iBan anybody that doesn’t agree with the anointed one) boring as watching grass grow

They say a picture is worth a thousand words… and the above picture speaks volumes about how boring iReport has become.

Political iReport bans have dulled iReports to death… we may as well be watching grass growing for excitement.

By the way, there are hidden subliminal vicious nasty anti-Obama messages hidden in the grass above …just to spice things up.

The other thing about that grass? It is a secret genetic clone between cannabis sativa and normal fescue which can be grown undetected in the front yard and no one will notice.

With that said… the caterpillars will smile a lot, birds will sing sweeter and you get to keep the yard clippings. :-)

Try not to fall asleep waiting for something exciting to happen at

You are expected to report about your spice rack collection and what you did last weekend.

 CNN bans all reports that do not say good things about our CEO of the United States of America…  Barack “the anointed one” Obama!!  They do this without warning or cause.  This is the same irresponsible biased media network  that got him elected!!  So, how’s that “hope” and “change” working out for you now??  Better not report it on iReport or else you will get banned!!  CNN has earned the title COMMUNIST NEWS NETWORK!!! 

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